The Coaching Programme


Levels 1 & 2 – 16TH & 17TH SEPTEMBER 2017!
@ Leon Paul Fencing Centre, London
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The Silver Sabres Combat Academy™ has a structured approach to qualifying new coaches and expanding the art to new schools.
We have carefully devised a vocabulary drawn from decades of experience with longswords, and we have written a beginners syllabus with the intention of producing students capable of performing epic display fights as early as possible. Hence, the more direct orthodox combat methods are reserved for those students that have demonstrated good blade control, correct mental attitude and spirit, and have advanced to the Elite Training Programme.

Each level of training requires competency with the earlier modules, and coaches are free to progress through the levels at their own pace.
However, it should be noted that we will not certify those who do not practice and have not acquired the technical skills required for good instruction.
Despite the friendly and lighthearted nature of the activity, it is essential that candidates accept the challenging nature of the syllabus and train with correct intention.

All qualified instructors are required to teach under license and must complete Continued Professional Development modules in order to maintain their instructor status.
All qualified instructors must additionally maintain completed DBS checks, First Aid Certificates, and Child Safeguarding qualifications in order to validate their instructor status.

Level 1: LED Sabre Experience

The Level 1 LED Sabre Experience is a repeatable single session, designed as a launch session for delivery in environments where the participants will only engage in the class on a very casual basis.

As such, it is an ideal product for open days, holiday camps, theme parks and other installations where participants are transient.

The content and vocabulary is limited to a few essential cutting and parrying techniques, and excludes all footwork.

With minimal barriers to engagement, the class aims to bring participants to the point where they can engage in their first blade-on-blade partner exercises within an hour of training.

Total training time for Level 1 Coaches = 1 Day Workshop

Level 2: LED Sabre 10 Week Course

The LED Sabre 10 week course is an ongoing class which requires participants to maintain regular attendance in order to start developing good technique and a solid foundation in the culture of the LED Sabre.

As such, it is perfect to run in schools, fitting neatly into a single term, and can also be presented and delivered in institutions such as gyms and healthclubs as a quality aerobic product, suitable for offering to participants as a complete course paid for in advance.

It builds on the content of the Level 1 LED Sabre Experience by introducing footwork, posture and stances.

Total training time for Level 2 Coaches = 2 Day workshop

Level 3: LED Sabre Competitive Format

The LED Sabre Competitive Format requires that participants are competent with the content of Levels 1 & 2, and wish to move beyond simple exercise into a sporting activity.

Masks and Gloves are mandatory protective equipment, and participants will need to register for member-to-member insurance cover.

There are a variety of fencing games and competitive formats that can be introduced, ranging from the orthodox sports models similar to those employed by traditional fencing, to spectacular theatrical play fights unique to the LED Sabre, and of course, the exciting Silver Sabres tournament formats that blend the best of both worlds.

Total training time for Level 3 Coaches = 4 Day workshop

Level 4: LED Sabre Advanced Syllabus

The LED Sabre Advanced Syllabus is ideal for those participants who wish to develop a more sophisticated mastery of technique, for deploying in competitions, play fights and displays.

It evolves the art beyond a sporting activity and takes on a practical format more familiar to traditional martial arts.

It introduces advanced Wielding & Cutting techniques along with essential Meditation & Mindfulness training, Theatrical & Artistic fencing and more.

Coach training at this level is delivered through a series of “Continued Professional Development“ modules that become available following completion of the Level 3 syllabus.

Each module is delivered as a single weekend workshop, with coaches able to opt for qualification through attendance in ongoing classes.

The content of these courses typically requires many hours of practice and it should not be taken for granted that a single workshop is sufficient for achieving competence.

Level 5: Elite Training Programme

This is for Master Trainers and competitors committing to an ongoing study of the art of LED Sabre combat.

This level represents a lifelong learning programme that includes the exploration of a broad range of methods and techniques, including the complete Eight Spheres Geometry of Combat, and the traditional Taiji Sabre Forms & Qigongs handed down through generations.

Students must be able to demonstrate correct spirit as well as technical competence with all of the previous modules before being accepted for training, and they will be held to the highest standards, fitting for ambassadors representing the discipline.

There are no modular courses at this stage, just an ongoing series of classes and workshops, focused on creating the most complete individuals, athletes, martial artists and competitors.