Our Partners & Sponsors


"JQ Sabers work closely with us to design and produce our training blades, carefully balancing the need for durability, usability and price. They have been with us since we started, and have been a beacon for world class service and expertise at every step on the journey!"

JQ Sabers have been making customised LED sabres for buyers around the world since 2007.

The JQ Sabers range encompasses a wide selection of hilt styles and models, including double and stunt sabers specifically designed for demonstration duelling. Also available are spares and components for customers to assemble their own sabres, as well as stands and belts.

They supply the high standard training sabres used in our classes.


Leon Paul

"Leon Paul immediately recognised the calibre of instruction being offered by the Silver Sabres, and since that day they have invited us to teach from their amazing Elite Training Centre in London. They have also provided us with equipment to test to the point of destruction, in order to help understand the demands of this new combat sport. Their fencing masks remain the most comfortable and robust we have ever used, and we are honoured to work with them in developing specialist equipment for LED Sabre Combat."

Leon Paul is committed to manufacturing the best fencing equipment in the world. They specialise in innovating and developing the latest products using cutting edge technology and materials.

Nearly 100 years old, they were established in 1921 and are the only fencing company run by Olympic fencers! The knowledge they have of real fencing means that they understand what is needed and what can be improved to make fencing better.

Leon Paul has designed more ground breaking fencing products than any other fencing company.


UK Wu Shi Taiji

"Michael Acton was the first to give permission to investigate the possibility of translating the traditional Taiji martial techniques for use with the LED Sabre, and after two years of development gave it his blessing. Later, Master Liu Ji Fa visited from Shanghai and observed our children's class, and was very happy to see the old methods being given new life in this manner. Since then, they have continued to offer support and valuable insights from a lifetime of study, to guide our syllabus and practice"

The Wu Shi Taiji and Qi Gong Association UK teaches the traditional Wu Style of Taiji quan (Shanghai) and Therapeutic/Medical qi gong.

They offer a friendly, non competitive teaching environment in both Taiji Quan and Qi Gong to all ages and abilities. They teach a comprehensive theoretical and technical syllabus that introduces the student to the ideas, methods, strategies and culture that comprises Taiji and Qi Gong as both a martial art and a health and therapeutic practice.


UK Garrison

"The UK Garrison were the ones who encouraged us to move beyond the world of martial arts and to get involved with the cosplay community. We had no idea at the level of skill and commitment involved in creating such incredible costumes! Truly, they have a kung fu all of their own, and they continue to provide technical support to our professional display team, as well as giving us the opportunity to help raise money for many noble causes when we get together!"

The UK Garrison was formed in 2000 and has gone on to become one of the foremost Star Wars costuming groups in the UK. They are a part of the constantly growing 501st Legion, itself the largest costuming organisation in the world.

They are renowned for their high standard 'movie accurate' costumes, professionalism and dedication to fundraising for charity. Their goal to be the very best at what they do has been reached and surpassed enabling them to be present at the highest level of Star Wars related events and work with some of the biggest names in the Star Wars industry.

Over the last fifteen years they have attended several thousand events, helping to raise money for a considerable number of charities, bringing joy to many and smiles to countless faces.

The UKG is a not-for-profit organisation. They are not sponsored by, but are the preferred Star Wars Imperial costuming group of Lucasfilm.



"We took our work underground for over two years, carefully developing a programme that preserved tradition as well as innovating the format. With the help of the Wu Shi Taiji Quan & Qigong Association,  it was the BCCMA that formally recognised our syllabus as being a true representation of an inherited traditional discipline. This was a huge step, and allowed us to step out once more into the light, with the full support of our ancestors behind us."

The British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA) was set up in accordance with the UK Sports Council’s guidelines in 1973 and was granted Sports Council Recognised Governing Body status in 1980.

They have 112 Organisations/Associations/Clubs in membership, representing over 10,000 members across all of the major disciplines of Chinese Martial Arts.

Their aim is to promote the study and safe practice of Chinese Martial Arts and regulate as far as possible, the ever-growing numbers of clubs and organisations claiming to teach Chinese Martial Arts, as well as act as an advisory body on all matters appertaining to the practice of the Chinese Martial Arts, through liaison with statutory and voluntary bodies, news media and other relevant parties.


British Fencing

"After seeing our work with Leon Paul, British Fencing invited us to share our work with the fencing community. Since then, they have helped us to present our syllabus in the most professional of manners, and have helped us to make sure our instructors maintained the highest standards for professional coaching."

British Fencing is the National Governing Body for the Olympic Sport of Fencing and aspire to create “the world’s most successful fencing community”.

They are responsible for all international fencing conducted while representing Great Britain, controlling the selection criteria for all relevant competitions. They are also responsible for any attendance by fencers at official FIE competitions, including the World Championships and World Cup competitions, and also at the Olympics under the IOC.

They also run British Championships in a variety of age categories and at all three weapons of fencing. In addition, a series of national 'Opens' are held by independent organisers affiliated to British Fencing. These events collect points, which are used to create national rankings at senior, junior and cadet level.