What is LED Sabre?

LED Sabre is an exciting new combat sport, combining traditional martial arts with theatre.
It is a unique experience, appealing to adults and children, boys and girls, teaching discipline and mindfulness through physical exercise, sparring and games. Inspired by popular science fiction, with participants welcome to compete in full costume, our programme is popular with actors and dancers, athletes and martial artists, and most importantly, fans of films, books and comics!

Why use the LED Sabre?

The Silver Sabres Combat Academy™ was founded because we felt the need to reintroduce a classical gladiatorial approach to combat sports.

For many years, we have watched various sword arts competing on an international stage, using very narrow vocabularies, with excessively complicated rules and an emphasis on refereeing and points, rather than on entertainment.
The result is that the spectators are often completely forgotten, as the fighters are completely absorbed with their own personal experiences.

Conversely, we also have sports that overemphasise theatre, and showcase scripted combat at the expense of any sincere contest between the fighters.

The LED Sabre provides a unique opportunity to address this situation and reintroduce a balance between Combat Sports and Performance Art, binding them together with a foundation in Traditional Martial Arts.

"Our aim is to teach an efficient and disciplined combat system that doesn't require choreographing for performance."

By introducing a new audience to the methods of historical weapons training, we aim to preserve this knowledge for a new generation, improving peoples lives with rigorous exercise, practical meditation, mindfulness, and a sense of community.