LED Sabre Open Tour (L.S.O.T.)

“LED Sabre is a new combat sport, designed to create epic duels with beautiful weapons of light.”

It is an opportunity for individuals to express themselves, and to safely explore the many diverse cultures of sword and stick fighting from across the world, throughout history, and beyond!

It is a Sport.
-Safe and competitive.

It is an Art.
-A form of expression, a journey for the soul.

It is Entertainment.
-Fun for the audience, fun for the fighters.

What is the purpose of the Open Tour programme?

The LSOT​ is an international affiliation programme​, intending to unite the community​ of LED Sabre
practitioners, here on planet Earth, and to give them the opportunity to meet and duel under a common set of
rules and principles:

  1. To establish safe practice​, with a Code of Conduct, and minimum standards for protective equipment,
    blades and hilts, and by prohibiting any techniques that pose a significant threat to the health of the
    participants or spectators
  2. To encourage cross training​ and provide an opportunity for social interaction​ between academies and clubs
  3. To collect feedback​ from academies and clubs, and to provide a channel for new ideas to be shared
  4. To allow all academies and clubs to evolve and develop​ their own cultures and practices, provided that they adhere to LSOT​ protocols when they meet other affiliates for sparring or competition
  5. To have FUN!
  6. To provide the service to all affiliated clubs for no charge
  7. To be inclusive and welcoming to all clubs and academies, regardless of their other affiliations

Rules and regulations – please reference the documents below:

English:     L.S.O.T-Document-ENG

French:     L.S.O.T-Document-FR

Italian:     L.S.O.T-Document-ITA

German:     L.S.O.T-Document-DE